Experience is telling us that the most valid reason for merging GP practices is to solve the recruitment crisis and ensure that there is adequate cover for patients. Other reasons put forward such as increased earnings, economies of scale, better bidding positioning, improved services and so on just never seem to materialise. Indeed, there are now many examples where earnings have not increased at all.

Having dealt with the merge formalities and legalities you are now in an entirely new situation, and the managing and running of the merged practice becomes critical in the attempt to move forward. At Honey Barrett we are well aware of the problems a new practice faces, and for this reason we have produced a booklet entitled “Going for Gold” which explores the features of high earners and low earners and considers what can be learnt from both. The booklet is full of tips relating to the management of enlarged practices and ways of creating time to enable GPs to undertake profit-making projects. We believe the booklet will keep the practice in good stead and provide a constant guide to the business side of medical practice. Remember that you do not have to merge to get the best out of the booklet, as the message also holds true for existing practices.

Why not contact our Amy Brown who will be happy to supply you with a free copy of the booklet, and keep a look out for our forthcoming autumn workshops at which we will present our updated “Going for Gold” first hand.