“From the moment I asked Honey Barrett to review a practice account, Abi was extremely efficient and quick to respond to the report. Her detailed report helped me to navigate easily through complicated figures. Abi followed it up promptly with further updates I provided. Her patience and professional approach in following it through was very positive and reassuring. Her sound knowledge and advice have helped me to make an informed choice. Overall the whole experience has been tremendously positive. Thank you.”
RS, Salaried GP

For salaried GPs, we can offer the following services:

  • Advice on claims for professional fees and subscriptions to obtain tax refunds.
  • For newly qualified GPs, help with claiming relief on training costs and exam fees.
  • Preparation and submission of your tax return, if required.
  • Checking of your tax code.
  • Assistance with Type 2 Pension Certificates.
  • Guide and support you through the financial implications of becoming a GP principal.
  • Advice on allowable expense claims.
  • Assistance in organising your records – 2018 Personal Tax Return checklist
  • Help and advice should you be picked for investigation by HMRC, with insurance cover available to meet professional fees.

GP Registrars:

  • Do you need help claiming for your professional subscriptions and training costs?

Are you considering Partnership?

  • We can review the accounts of the prospective practice together with the partnership deed and advise you accordingly.

“We’ve had a good look at your email and it’s been fantastically useful. Its informed Karen’s discussions with her new colleagues and really clarified our thinking about several key issues, thanks again” Dr Mike Rushton, GP partner.

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The team at Honey Barrett who can help you are:

Liz Densley FCA CTA
Abi Newbury ACA